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Blood Pressure Protocol is a book co-authored by Dr. Miles Channing
and David Riley and it entails the journey of David Riley, a blood
pressure patient, to full recovery. Dr. Channing has educational background in
cardiovascular, hypertension and medical research in general. He uses Mr. Riley
as a case study to guide blood pressure patients to overcome the condition
using simple home remedies. Reportedly, David Riley suffers from high blood
pressure for twelve years before coming in contact with Dr. Channing. The
latter is equipped with information about coenzyme Q10 which is widely available
in native foods of the Yanomami Indians and which makes them resistant to
hypertension. Apparently, Dr. Channing spends a lot of his life researching in
India. He notes that the diet of the people of Yanomami widely includes salmon,
tuna fish and other naturally growing plants. The coenzyme Q10 is abundantly
endowed in these foods and he correlates this to the low prevalence of
hypertension to this population.


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