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X Scalper allows you to set the specific
percentage of trends regarding a particular stock which has gained in price
over the last few years. In fact, you can notice the trends from beginning and
ending dates of the stock. You can set a specific criteria to generate results.
The software will provide information about losses and gains over the years,
while informing you about the reward and risk involved at the time of initial
trading. Trade history will include the information about beginning and end
dates of trading, closing and opening prices and how much money you would have
lost or earned during that period. This software also builds a portfolio, and
allows you to catalog your activity as investors. You can even compare them
through various inquiries.

The interface and layout are very simple
and user friendly. You can screen many different probabilities, and even filter
them by industry, profit, company, trends or sector. This can be quite helpful
for investors who aren’t sure of which company they should choose while
investing in an industry. Even forex and futures have been set up in a similar
manner. The portfolio and layout are very simple to navigate and understand.
The search option functions are also identical to the ones in stocks. You just
have to enter the inquiry, and filter through various results to make a
decision about how you need to trade.

Easy settings on X Scalper allows users to simply filter search results by most popular trading
markets like Karl Dittmann, S&P 500 and more. This makes sure you don’t
invest hard earned money in markets which may be too difficult or unfamiliar.
This software also comes with another tab called ‘Education’.

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