Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy: What to Know

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Gone are the times when the problem like thyroid is faced rarely by the people. In today's fast-paced life, when we have little time left for taking care of ourselves, a lot of dreadful diseases start enveloping us. No matter if you are working or not, have a busy schedule or not thyroid is engulfing almost everyone. It is seen that this problem is more prominent in females. Women between 20 to 60 or over generally come under the influence of thyroid. According to a survey, thyroid is one of those diseases that if left untreated could become fatal. With thyroid problems like weight gain, dizziness, lethargy, difficulty in conceiving, and much more have been encountered by many. This is why eradicating it once and for all becomes really important. Generally,

Diet plays an important role in the treatment of the thyroid problem and this is why Anthony Capasso, a well-known doctor who has had a vast experience in the medical field and especially in helping people to treat the problem of thyroid came up with his' The 4 Day Thyroid Diet'. Although he runs his clinic, he started this book especially for those who can not come to his clinic or meet him personally for getting their thyroid treated. Since the thyroid is related to cholesterol problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and many more dreadful diseases, getting an insight to The 4 Day Thyroid Diet by Anthony Capasso could help you get out of all these problems easily. So let's take a look at 'The 4 day Diet' by Anthony Capasso and know his potential pros and cons.

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