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You will get a list of exact foods
having important nutrients that are completely beneficial for health. The main
ingredient of this diet is the Kangaroo meat which is known as the main source
of energy in the Aboriginal diet that has been included with the people for
many centuries. It is known as the Bunji’s recipe that has already helped
millions of people around the world. It consists many Aboriginal fruits, herbs
berries, vegetables, and many other ingredients, such as Kakadu plums, pigweed
seeds, quandong fruit, and bush tomatoes.

This diet includes eight essential
antioxidants that can reverse the loss of vision, make your eyesight better and
provide protection against lots of eye diseases, like cataracts, macular
degeneration, and farsightedness. All the foods mentioned in the diet include
natural ingredients that have helped the wife of the author and help in
attaining eyesight. This guide has a 93% success rate as the majority of the
people achieved a 20/20 vision within a period of maximum 30 days. It
is a clinically proven treatment that reverses even some impossible cases of
visual impairment.


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