Which fruits are good for the eyes?

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have enjoyed perfect vision for most of my life. In fact, I’m the only one of
my immediate family who doesn’t wear some sort of corrective eye wear. Most of
my family didn’t need glasses until their twenties. Maybe I’m just lucky. But I
really think that for many people (certainly not all, as there are some serious
degenerative issues for some people), the key to good vision is a matter of
proper function. I started noticing a decline in my eyesight during graduate school… specifically
during the month that I spent almost all day at a computer working on my
thesis. I worried that my time for glasses was coming. As I graduated and moved
into the “real world” I found myself spending more hours in an office with no
window and a computer against a wall that allowed no interaction with a distant
horizon. My eyes and vision began to suffer even more. Since my eyesight was
still good enough to avoid glasses for the time being, I decided to experiment.
After some solid research and thorough observations of my movement patterns
regarding vision, I began my own “eye therapy.”


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